hand-building - CAB Gallery

CAB Gallery


When: By Appointment
Instructor: Samantha Treco
Duration: 2 hours
Contact: samantha@contemporaryartbahamas.com
Location: CAB Studio, South Ocean Blvd
Ages: 13+
Skill Level: Beginner

In our Hand-Building class, participants will learn how to make functional and sculptural pottery from scratch. The class will start off with participants hand-building different structures out of clay using molds, stamps and other found objects. With hand-building, the sky is the limit, but some examples of items made are plates, bowls, vases, board games, sculptural decor and more. Fully fired and functional artwork can be picked-up a week after the class is over.

Take this class solo, with a friend or spouse, or with team members as a team building experience. You will leave the class with 2-3 finished pieces, made by hand and with a wealth of knowledge to expand your pottery practice! Suitable for all levels.

10% discount for groups larger than 10 people.